Senior Life Insurance Policies by Age

The truth is that people at any age can get life insurance coverage. The problem arises in getting affordable life insurance coverage. Specializing in the senior market for life insurance means knowing how to get people, who have a little harder time getting affordable coverage for themselves, a great policy at a great rate. If you came looking to get life insurance quotes then fill out our quote form on the side of this page and a specialist will contact you to get more details about your needs and to find you the best rates on senior life insurance by your age

Over 50

People in their 50’s can frequently qualify for very good rates on life insurance. If you are in good health and know how to approach the companies with your information you can get very competitive rates. Learn more about how to get the best rates on over 50 life insurance HERE.

Over 60

If you are under the age of 65 you will have a much easier time getting a policy that someone who is 65 or older, but anyone in their 60’s can usually get some sort of policy. Learn more about what to do about life insurance if you are over or under 65 HERE

Over 70

Bing in your 70’s means that you are getting close to the life expectancies used by most life insurance companies. This does not mean you don’t have options. With no exam, burial, guaranteed issue and even standard policies you have a lot to consider. Learn more about what you can do to get lower rates on life insurance if you are in your 70’s HERE.

Over 80

It is difficult getting a life insurance policy if you are over 80 and looking to get a standard life insurance policy. Many companies, like AARP will not even consider a person over the age of 80 for a policy. While you can get approved for a traditional policy if you are in good health, many times there are other options that will be a better fit for your needs. Learn more about life insurance for people over 80 HERE.

Let’s face it, getting life insurance as a senior can be a minefield. Whether you are in your 50’s or 80’s we can make sure that you can navigate that minefield and come out on the other side with a great policy.

At we are dedicated to helping seniors get the best rates on their life insurance policies. This means we work with you to understand your individual needs and then match you with the right policy and life insurance company for your needs. Since we work with over 60 different companies we know which insurer will look upon your situation in the most favorable light. This means you can trust our team of specialists to find the absolute best pricing for anyone age 50 or older. If you are ready to get started with your life insurance then use the form on this page or give us a call.